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about lice is easy

Our proprietary formula targets and eradicates the parasitic pests lurking deep within your hair. With over 5,000 tests conducted in our facilities, we have developed the ultimate solution to eliminate super lice that have grown resistant to other treatments. lice removal specialist

100% Natural Treatment

Our Head Lice Treatments are safe, effective, and pediatrician recommended. Our Lice Specialists use our proprietary combing technique that allows us to delouse you quickly and thoroughly, guaranteed. We are the only head lice removal service that uses a Bio-influenced, 100% natural product that neutralizes lice on contact! We make it Easy! We provide the best lice removal treatment along with professional advice on how to keep your hair healthy and lice free! 

5 Star Reviews

Private, pain-free lice treatment using safe, natural products. Join thousands of happy clients who love us on Google with five-star reviews! 


We offer a 30 day guarantee!

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lice prevention & treatment products    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So grateful for Lice is Easy!! We have been to another lice treatment place and we will always choose Lice is Easy going forward! It was truly an easy and good experience for my boys and me. She was very helpful, thorough, knowledgeable, kind, and completely treated our lice issues. It gave us peace of mind knowing she had done such a thorough examination and treatment!

Highly recommend!

Lisa Berry

Lice is not fun, but Marcela and Maybelilne were so great. Marcela was knowledgeable and set my mind at ease. They both made my daughter feel comfortable during the experience. Worth every penny. So glad we found them.

Jessica Banish

I frantically called Lice Is Easy on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend after taking in three kiddos who needed shelter. Maureen responded to my call immediately with next steps and got me in her schedule that day. Despite having to spend an hour in OC traffic on a Friday evening, Maureen was at my door boasting a cheerful attitude to ease my worries. She checked our entire family and treated the children who had a Lice in calm and caring manner. Her service is worth every penny, and I would use her again in a second. Highly recommend! 

Jaime B.

Phenomenal! Life saver! Breath of fresh air!

Relief! All words I think when I think of the ladies of this place. We tried Nix the week before and still found lice a week later.

Called Marcella, and she got us in the day of. She gave us amazing tips and was incredibly thorough with my daughter's hair.

SO GRATEFUL. next time, Lord willing there isn't a next time, we will go straight to her!

Liz McClurkan

They were awesome! Took away so much stress of treating my kids successfully. Easy to schedule and quick response. She gave me great tips and all the tools for any future treatment. Thanks so much! Highly recommend!

Rebecca Tvaroch

Marcela and her team are INCREDIBLE. I was a panicked mess when I suspected lice on my 7 year old's hair - after a few text exchanges, we were in the Lice Is Easy office within 15 minutes and they took care of everything! Marcela talked me through each step of the process and was so kind and helpful. I'd highly recommend this company to anyone!!!

Michelle Noravon

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call or text for appointment lice removal specialist

lice is easy

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